ABOUT / the StripSafely collaboration

StripSafely is an ad hoc Diabetes Online Community (DOC) collaboration to help the general public understand that there are inaccurate blood glucose test strips and meters on the market, and they’re putting patient lives at risk. We hope to get folks involved to do something about that. By “something,” we mean write to the FDA, elected officials, and the news media to spread awareness about this issue in the hope that by working together, we may be able to solve it.

The StripSafely campaign was created by Bennet Dunlap. He and Christel Marchand Aprigliano are the site administrators. Catherine Price provides her editorial skills. Scott Johnson, Kerri Sparling, Cherise Shockley and Kelly Close joined the process early on and contributed their advice and direction. The campaign is not affiliated with strip manufacturers, the FDA, or any other remotely organized group.

The real work of this project is being done by community members (like you!) who write letters and blog posts as part of this campaign. See the social media section for these efforts. We would love to feature your letters and blog posts. That’s why there is a form on every page’s sidebars to help you share what you have written.

Not Medical Advice

Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice. Individuals should speak to their care team about all clinical issues including meter accuracy before any and all changes to their care.


Links are shared with consent. Email addresses shared with StripSafely will be used to share information relating to opportunities to advocate for people with diabetes. We will honor opt-out requests. The mail list will not be sold.

Information Sources

The sources that inform the site on the Citations page. We encourage you never to take things at face value. Always be curious — check our sources and those of anything else you read online.


StripSafely has been funded by Bennet’s personal resources. The Diabetes Hands Foundation contributed some of the costs of the lapel pin.


If StripSafely runs ads, they will be separate from content and clearly noted as ads. If you would like to run an ad, email admin (at) StripSafely.com.