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StripSafely salutes the Diabetes Community’s strong and sustained level of comments to the FDA Glucose meter dockets. Accuracy Matters.


Here is the count at close:

  • The personal use ‘over the counter’ docket 373*
  • The professional ‘prescription’ use docket 183*


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 8.45.24 AM

Ain’t America Great?



* FDA notes: This count refers to the total comments received on this docket, as of 11:59 PM yesterday (aka 5/7/’14), from Regulations.gov and alternate means. All comments including the bulk submissions received for this docket may not be posted at this time; therefore, the counts may differ between: total comments received and posted, as well as the counts shown on the Docket Folder Summary page. [StripSafely’s snarky 2¢: in other words there may be a few coming still.]

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