POLICY ACTIONS / opportunities to speak up

Please join the StripSafely and others in the community contacting policy makers on the following:

FDA wants to hear from the public on Patient Participation in Medical Product Discussions. Our newest team member, Stephan, has some draft comments you can cut and past into their docket!




We have a new Congress. They need to know what bills matter to PWD. Here’s a few:


There are three diabetes bills that are currently in play up on Capitol Hill:

S539/HR1074 – National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (Coordinate)

Currently: 21 Senate cosponsors/165 House cosponsors

Did you know that there are 37 separate federal agencies that play some role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes? These agencies aren’t always working together, resulting in miscommunication (or lack of communication), reinventing the wheel, and wasting of resources.

The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act will coordinate diabetes efforts. The Commission will include federal agency representatives, patients and health care providers, and will use existing funds at no extra cost to taxpayers to do its work.

S945/HR1274 – Access to Quality Diabetes Education Acts (Diabetes Education)

Currently: 12 Senate cosponsors/16 House cosponsors

This bill will increase access to diabetes self-management training (DSMT) by designating credentialed diabetes educators as certified providers for purposes of outpatient DSMT services under Medicare Part B. It’s “budget neutral“, meaning that the cost of the outpatient services will be offset by the savings provided with the program.

S. 2689/HR5644 – Medicare CGM Access Act of 2014 (Cover CGM)

Currently: 9 Senate cosponsors/ 2 House cosponsors

Medicare does not currently cover CGM devices, leaving people over 65 with type 1 diabetes (T1D) without coverage for continuous glucose monitors. Did you know that right now, costs for a hypoglycemia inpatient admission average $17,564 per visit!? This bill will help save money – and lives.

Passage of the bill will facilitate Medicare coverage of CGMs, and help pave the way for the next generation of CGM-related technologies, such as artificial pancreas (AP) systems.

We need to remind Congress to #Vote4DM by cosponsoring these bills.