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From AACE Press Release:

“Our hope is that recognition of the problems that exist will lead to viable solutions and much more favorable outcomes for the many patients with diabetes who rely on these technologies”

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Representatives from scientific and medical societies, patient advocacy groups, government entities, the insurance industry, the health products industry and more all agree that the time has come for regulatory improvements that will ensure the availability, safety and reliability of diabetes care technologies.

This diverse cross-section of diabetes arena thought leaders gathered September 28 and 29 for the AACE/ACE Consensus Conference on Glucose Monitoring in which first steps were taken towards a concerted, collaborative effort necessary to address and overcome current barriers to optimal diabetes care.

Specifically at issue is glucose monitoring, an essential treatment component for many of the nation’s 29 million diabetes patients, either in the form of self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG), in which the patient performs frequent fingersticks to assess glucose values with a meter and makes corresponding treatment choices, or continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), which measures interstitial fluid glucose levels every one to five minutes through a sensor/transmitter/monitor system attached to the body.

The use of such monitoring tools allows the patient and/or healthcare provider to make better-informed treatment choices, thus mitigating severe diabetes complications. Further, glucose monitoring has been proven to reduce hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)-related hospitalizations, thereby reducing healthcare costs.


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