August 16, 2013

StripSafely is an ad hoc community of people living with diabetes. We live across the nation. We are writing on one issue, as one community, with one voice. We seek your support on an issue that has the potential to kill people with diabetes, but one that you have the power to change.  We are asking you to empower the FDA to require that glucose test strips sold in the United States deliver the minimum accuracy requirements for which they were cleared.

The health and lives of people living with diabetes are being threatened by the inaccuracy of substandard blood glucose test strips flooding the US market. To be a leader on this safety issue, we ask that you please send a health care aide to the September 9th meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society in Bethesda, MD, where academic experts, industry, patients, and the FDA will discuss possible solutions. More about this meeting here and register here:

People with diabetes rely on blood glucose meters and test strips to make crucial insulin dosing decisions several times a day. Inaccurate testing can have severe health consequences. Insulin is a leading prescription drug reported to FDA for adverse events.

Three recent independent laboratory studies call into question the accuracy of these tools that people with diabetes, like us, need to stay healthy. The FDA has even acknowledged that this accuracy problem exists, but currently has no mandate to establish a regulatory process for post-market inspection of the accuracy expected.

We are not asking for a change in price, nor are we asking for support for any particular company.

We, the 26 millions of Americans living with diabetes, are asking for your help. Empower the FDA to ensure that all glucose test strips sold in the United States meet minimum accuracy standards.

Please send an aide to the Diabetes Technology Society meeting on September 9th to become a leading voice in Congress for health.