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Amy T has a nice write up of the November 5 DTS Payers Meeting at Diabetes Mine. Click on over and read the whole piece, here is a tease:

So we had this Payer’s Meeting, in which glucose monitoring and quality assurance experts, clinicians, lawyers and engaged patients spoke. (I was proud to be on a panel alongside D-advocates Manny Hernandez, Christel Aprigliano and three other adult type 1s.)

DTS Payers Meeting

The only problem was: there were hardly any payers present. By “hardly any” I mean one gentleman from Humana on a panel, who was very engaging and informative, and a lady from CMS in the audience who many recognized but did not raise her hand when the speakers repeatedly asked, “who is here from a payer organization?”


Bennet Dunlap

So, what do you think ?