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Bennet Dunlap


  1. I’m trying to read through this letter and keep getting hung up on all the (b)(4)s. Any idea what that means? Is it some type of redaction for the web-posted version of the letter?

    And more to the topic…is it common for manufacturers (particularly the larger, more reputable ones) to outsource their manufacturing? For something like a test strip, I wouldn’t think so.

  2. I am so impressed with the scecnie and organization of this process. Truly, I am a neophyte in this area as no one in my family or circle of friends has had this problem. Obviously it rules your life but with knowledge and proper tools you can win. Good for you.Did your mother tell you that we each bought a pair of really sharp shoes when we were in Napanee? She bought ones to match your old green monitor while mine match the new purple monitor. The Bobsy twins, sort of .


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