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StripSafely welcomes Guest Blogger, Certified Diabetes Educator and  Champion of People with Diabetes, Hope Warshaw.  We support quality diabetes education – It is how patients learn to StripSafely.


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As you well know taking on the role of advocate and activist for what we believe is right and just for people with diabetes is crucial. I’ve done my best to support a number of DOC advocacy projects over the last few years. Now, I’m asking you to assist me and the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) to advocate for increasing patient access to diabetes educators and Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT).

Please join me in supporting and participating in AADE’s Diabetes Education for All Twitter campaign. This legislation would require Medicare to recognize credentialed diabetes educators (which includes CDEs – certified diabetes educators, educators with the credential BC-ADM and diabetes educators licensed by their state) as Medicare providers of DSMT thereby increasing access to this critical benefit for the patients we serve.

Let’s make this change happen! With better access to education I hope more people with diabetes can be successful in self-care. Please join me in talking and tweeting about ways to help people get quality diabetes education.

To make this easy for you, our friends at StripSafely have created this page to make sending a tweet easy.

On behalf of AADE and diabetes educators around the country, I thank you. Let’s continue to work together to improve life and health outcomes for people with diabetes!


Bennet Dunlap


  1. William G Smith

    Hopefully, this will happen soon. Some doctors are not knowledgable as to proper diet
    And type of exercises one needs to incorporate
    To live with diabetes.

  2. Sandra Pieschel

    It’s time we enforce support of self management of blood glucose. No medication can get someone to choose less carbohydrates when glucose levels take them above 180 mg/dl. The teat strips can help each person understand what works or doesn’t & can prevent the costly and preventable causes of complications of diabetes. Monitoring can be their compass.


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