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Every time we test our blood sugar, we make crucial, life-sustaining decisions based upon that result. If the accuracy and precision of those results are compromised, so is our diabetes care. Let’s make our blood sugar checks matter.

Please take a look at the StripSafely Campaign, aiming to raise the voices in the diabetes online community for blood glucose test strips that are accurate.

The FDA acknowledges there is a problem with some meters and test strips manufacturers not delivering the level of accuracy for which they were approved. The FDA does not currently have a plan to protect People With Diabetes (PWD) from bad strips. StripSafely is a campaign to encourage Congress to make sure the FDA creates a plan to keep PWD safe.

To be clear: We are not seeking to promote any particular brand of meter or strips. We simply want strips that are accurate, precise, and protected.

If you agree and want to raise your voice, go to Take the Quiz. See what you know about strip accuracy and maybe learn a little more. Be inspired to write a letter to Congress, asking them to pressure the FDA to protect the integrity of strips. We’ll make easier with starter letters that outline some of our concerns. Please build from them by adding your personal experiences to show why accurate strips are important in your life with diabetes. Consider asking for:

  • Congress and the FDA to keep people with diabetes safe.
  • Meters that deliver the same accuracy our lives, that they show in FDA approval.
  • Random sampling of strips sold to consumers to be sure that all brands deliver at accuracy standards.
  • The tightening of the current accuracy standard to +/- 15%.

After sending your letter to Congress and the FDA

  • Share your letter in a blog post or the social media of your choice.
  • Please feel free to use the StripSafely images in social media.
  • Please link the URL
  • The hashtag is #StripSafely

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