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In July FDA issued a Waring Letter to Pharma Tech Solutions a maker of GenStrip™ glucose strips. The details can be found here:


This in addition the the previous warning to Conductive Technologies, Inc.


These letters in our mind demonstrate how the FDA is taking post market actions to help people StripSafely. It also to us suggests the need for an even more robust post market evaluation of strips.

Bennet Dunlap

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  1. Well the joys of being a woman is having large prsues so it’s not a big deal to slip your meter in. But I do have a horrible confession to make I never take any sugar with me when I go for a run outside. I know it’s soooo bad and I could get into a lot of uncessary trouble. But I am in such a routine in what I eat and how I exercise, that having a package of lifesavers in my hand while running is more of a hassle than help.


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