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Bill Woods of Glu interviewed Bennet Dunlap about strip accuracy and the Strip Safely campaign- take a look!

Are you familiar with Glu? If you aren’t:

Glu is part of the T1D Exchange, a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the lives of people touched by T1D by facilitating better care and accelerating new therapies through a collaborative data collection and sharing network.

How can you help?

Glu needs your voice to help the Strip Safely campaign achieve our goals: to get the FDA to ensure that blood glucose test strips are accurate so that people with diabetes can stay alive and healthy.

By answering Glu’s Questions of the Day on Thursday, August 15th and Friday, August 16th, your answers become part of the statistical data presented at the Diabetes Technology Society’s meeting in Bethesda, Maryland on September 9th.

Head on over to Glu, answer those questions, and add your voice!



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