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How accurate are your diabetes test strips and glucose monitors?

Last month, we asked people with diabetes to share what they pay for their test strips. It’s part of our ongoing #PriceCheck collaboration.

We’ve heard that the cost of test strips can vary greatly. We’ve also heard that these test strips – and the blood glucose monitors they’re used with – can provide inaccurate data. As we’ve dug into this topic, people with diabetes and clinicians have told us that the inaccuracy of these strips and glucometers is a huge – and life-threatening – issue.

Accuracy questioned

Strip Safely is an online campaign intended to raise awareness about the inaccurate blood glucose test strips and monitors on the market – and spark change. Here’s how it describes this problem:

“Patients using meters that fail to meet accuracy standards face increased risks. Inaccurately high meter readings may cause patients to take too much insulin resulting in insulin shock. Conversely, meters that incorrectly show low results may keep patients from taking enough insulin. To [sic] little insulin may cause high blood glucose and possibly risky diabetic ketoacidosis.”

– See more at: http://todayhealthchannel.com/2014/11/05/how-accurate-are-your-diabetes-test-strips-and-glucose-monitors/



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