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On Wednesday, August 21st beginning at 8pm Eastern, we are staging a StripSafely Tweet-In, asking Congress to send aides to the upcoming Diabetes Technology Meeting on September 9th, where the testing accuracy problem will be discussed. 

Please join us and add your voice. 

We’ve made it easy. Simply go to the Let’s Tweet page of Stripsafely.com, find your state and click the link listed next to your senators and congressmen. We’ve already created the message – you just need to tweet it out. (Don’t forget the leadership at the top of the page – we can all tweet to them!)

Then, please, get creative and send additional positive messages to help the diabetes community build friends in Congress. Include the hash tag #StripSafely. Feel free to use this link to our letter in your tweets: http://www.stripsafely.com/?page_id=618

Diabetes isn’t partisan about whose life it impacts. We shouldn’t be partisan in seeking support for our health.

Tweet and StripSafely,

Bennet Dunlap


  1. The accuracy is vital mostly because it changed

    In seconds and during a 24 hour period it
    Determines medicine, food, activities and more.
    Why do they think we do it all day so often. It
    Is the deciding factor on many and all events of our lives.

  2. Having accurate test strips is paramount in managing diabetes! Without an accurate blood glucose it is very easy to miss dose insulin and send your glucose either too low or too high. I have lived 30 years now with type 1 and am in very good health -this would not have been the case I am sure if I was not able to test as often as I needed and have accurate blood glucose readings.


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