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R. Mack Harrell and George Grunberger wrote an excellent commentary on diabetes supplies in Roll Call the media outlet serving “The Hill” in DC.  In part they ask:

At issue is the assurance that the crucial glucose monitoring supplies patients need are available, safe and reliable. For instance, once the Food and Drug Administration approves glucose monitoring products for market, are there sufficient safeguards to ensure the quality of these meters and test strips has not diminished over time, whether on drugstore shelves, in medicine cabinets at home or in the questionable possession of the street-sign purveyor noted above? Does current Medicare policy balance the need to provide patient access to high-quality care and effective glucose monitoring while controlling program costs? And, if not, what policy changes need to be made?

See the the full commentary at Roll Call’s site: http://www.rollcall.com/news/29-Million-Diabetic-Americans-Wonder-235870-1.html

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